Lezing “Sociale Zekerheid” (Vrouwenrechten) op 02 juni 2012

Door onvoorziene omstandigheden gaat de lezing voorzien voor 26 mei 2012 één week later door, dus op zaterdag 02 juni 2012 !

Donation Cagayan de Oro

We received this message from Cagayan de Oro: Thank you very much for the relief goods you sent for our friends who were victims of Bagyong Sendong Cagayan de oro. They were so happy receiving those valuable things. They extended their thanks and gratitude to your organization who were so generous enough though you are […]

“Op stap naar een droomjob”

The lecture “Op stap naar een droomjob” was attended by not so many persons but they were very interested in the subject. For the people attending it sure was a very interesting afternoon.